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Info icons and dxpacks.
Published on March 4, 2005 By Mudflap In GalCiv Journals

Information icons and dxpacks.

I got two big things done this week. First, the information icon system. This system will be used to notify the user of events that require their attention. Eventually, we'll probably have some filtering options so that you don't get bombarded with event info. That's all in the future now. Here's a screen of the system working...

The icons drop from the top and fade in as they come down. You can activate it by left clicking on it, or dismiss it by right clicking on it.

The other major thing I did this week is less noticeable, but still pretty cool. Since we develop the UI using DesktopX, we decided to integrate the DesktopX objects directly into GalCiv2. This has 2 advantages. The first, each screen or window is a neat little DesktopX object with its own graphics and layout information. The other advantage is that users who have DesktopX installed can "skin" the UI or make modifications to it. Within reason that is. But you could make a minimalistic UI, have some gaudy graphics, or even move stuff around. Do whatever you want. Maybe even share the skins just like Windowblinds skins. That's neat.

Here are some screens showing off the differences. In the first screen, the UI is made up of 434 individual files that we had to manage. In the second screen, we've converted the 434 individual files to 50 DesktopX objects that can be loaded and edited individually.

on Mar 04, 2005
Looks like it is shaping up very quickly!
on Mar 04, 2005
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on Mar 04, 2005
Sweet!!! We are getting there!!!!
on Mar 04, 2005
Have any alternative gui screenshots?
on Mar 04, 2005
Very Cool! The ships in that first shot are "popping" by the way. At least to me.
on Mar 05, 2005
Awesome work so far.
on Mar 06, 2005
ld events continue to vanish after X turns.

on Mar 07, 2005
exponential math function.

Otherwise - awesome work team!
on Mar 07, 2005

We'll keep your idea in mind though if we discover that it's getting to tedious.

on Mar 08, 2005
Why don't you use different colours? So, as you said you have the same icon image for those 3 planet events. Have different colour for each type of event. Say (random now) red for the successful invasion, yello for the building, and green for the conversion. This in combination of Solitair's idea could work. So you do get one icon that "deploys" the other two, and each of them has different colour. And to make clear which events are multiple events, just make those (pre-"deployed") look a bit like a deck of cards or something.
on Mar 26, 2005
hi, im new in here
uuuuuuuhh, i dont wanna by a bad guy, but, were did you get the idea? from Rome total war?