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Published on November 24, 2004 By Mudflap In GalCiv Journals

Another week another shot.

Actually, this shot isn't from new stuff that I did this week. Spent the entire (short) week running BoundsChecker. We had some massive leaks. Now we're less sieve like.

I also revamped the SceneNode architecture. We used to have a problem with vtable scissoring. No longer.

Anyways, here's the shot. It's just a living mockup of the ship design screen. I filled this hull with Stinger Mark IV missiles. Just hope you have adequate point defenses when you come across this sucka'!

on Nov 24, 2004
That is one fugly looking ship! Are you sure that thing will fly?!
on Nov 25, 2004
I assume that the missile ammo is stored internally inside the ship and not in the side pods, correct? ::grins::
on Nov 25, 2004
e ship and drop it in place) or do you just select the modules you want in the boxes around the ship?

on Nov 25, 2004
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on Nov 29, 2004
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on Dec 02, 2004
Joe says that the engines are on the back, so you can't see them.
on Dec 03, 2004

on Dec 09, 2004
All ship hulls will have basic impulse engines on them, so nobody will be stuck in orbit due to forgetfulness.
on Dec 10, 2004
Excellent idea!

You've obviously been through this before

on Dec 12, 2004
Just a Thought, will there be a Ship Design Manager because even though designing ships is fun/useful, it gets boring or becomes to much micromanagement after a few games
on Dec 13, 2004
r to put in default ship designs. (I assume)