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Look at all the pretty stars...
Published on November 19, 2004 By Mudflap In GalCiv Journals

Another week another entry...

Things have been picking up quite a bit around here. We have an internal deadline we're trying hard to meet.

I've been working on a lot of under the covers stuff. Stuff that doesn't directly show up on the screen, but makes the stuff that shows up on the screen better. I did manage to work on a couple of things that users see. The first is stars. Check out the shot. That purple star is procedurally calculated. Also check out the PlanetContextWindow. This comes up on the interface when a planet is selected. What you don't see is that the planet image in the window is a rendered model. It rotates so that you can get an overview of the planet. Pretty cool huh? We even have the city lights working. We also have some temporary ships in just so we can tell the difference. That ship you see is really one ship hull pasted on top of itself a bunch of times. Cool effect huh?

DISCLAIMER: This shot DOES NOT reflect the quality of the final product.

on Nov 21, 2004
on Nov 22, 2004
I saw above.
on Nov 22, 2004
Yellow stars will be the ones to look for the most.
on Nov 23, 2004
OK, thanks. I wasn't expecting big changes in this regard for GC II, but wanted to ask anyway.