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I'm back.
Published on November 12, 2004 By Mudflap In GalCiv Journals

After a long hiatus (off developing Political Machine), I'm back.

It's been a busy week here at SD. Halo2 was released on Tuesday and I haven't played any other game since. I highly recommend multiplayer and looking up your stats on If you frag "Spartan 071", that's me.

Anyways, on to GalCiv2 stuff. Since I haven't reported in a long time, I'm just going to show you a screen shot. Maybe next week I'll start posting incremental updates.

DISCLAIMER: This shot DOES NOT reflect the quality of the final product.

If there were a story, I'd say that a terran frigate is patrolling the border. But there isn't.

on Nov 12, 2004
You and your PNGs..