The mis-adventures of a new Game Developer.
Published on May 18, 2004 By Mudflap In The Political Machine
Fixed a bug where a cheerleader was being disabled even though it wasn't planted. This caused the state that the cheerleader came from to lose awareness.

Also changed the cheerleader so that it gave an awareness bonus instead of an awareness scale. This was incorrectly done earlier.

Added an Operative API so that Brad can muck with Ops and VPs.

Added Operative API so that Brad can hook it up to the AI.

Added Political Strategy mode. You can access it through the view pulldown or by hitting F8.

Added debug code to help us time game loading.

Changed end game sequence so that the exit polls go to back to the map.

Added code so that colors won't display in the polling data and popular vote modes unless at least one candidate has 10 awareness.

Added code to disable the mainui buttons as the user runs out of stamina. Applied the same fix to the build capital button.

Added code so that there are always at least 3 state thumbs. This reduces confusion.

Fixed some major bugs with plantable activists.

Also fixed an issue with ratings adjustors and issues that didn't have a default values.

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