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Daily 04/21/04
Published on April 21, 2004 By Mudflap In The Political Machine
Added API to easily get CandidateStance. This will help Cari out when she does the candidate screen.

Hide black window so that mouse messages get passed back to unhidden windows.

Fixed minor bug in ads.

Fixed the font problem on Windows ME. We were using AddFontResourceEx and RemoveFontResourceEX. They aren't supported on ME and below. Changed to calls to AddFontResource and RemoveFontResource. The only difference is that other applications will have access to our fonts while the game is running. No big deal really.

Re-enabled Multithreaded load. This involved changing the startup sequence for most windows. Originally, the windows would be added to the parent list at the beginning of the constructor. This caused problems in the multi-threaded environment because partially constructed windows were being asked to do some operations on themselves. Bad mojo all around. To fix the problem, most of the windows are now adopted AFTER they are fully constructed.

Also added special handling to the GameSetupWnd so that it wouldn't start unless all the windows were loaded.

Added critical sections to control access to the child list. Turn on by defining MWIN_MULTITHREAD. Turned it on for PolMachine.

Optimized background creation by loading texture tiles directly from the file instead of creating an offscreen surface to cut up.

Tweaked the multithreaded load a bit more. Seeing random crashes during window creation. I'll have to investigate further.

Added simple cutscene implementation. At least we can play full screen cutscenes now.

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