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Daily 04/20/04
Published on April 20, 2004 By Mudflap In The Political Machine
Daily 04/20/04

Added debug code to add activists on demand. This helps us test AI/Activist interaction. Use NUMPAD0 to create a new activist.

Added a 'state' section to the ActivistID. This helps us differentiate between different activists that can be created on the same turn.

Added code to the AI so that it throttles it's activist management. Now it doesn't move all the activists at one time. This was the cause of activists being stuck in mid air.

Fixed the end of turn gap. File I/O from preferences was taking way too long. This may not be the last fix, but it's at least a large chunk of time. Close to then end of the game, ads and other assets may take more compute time.

More tweaks to the AI money cheat. Moved the incremental adjustment to PlayerType to ensure that it only happens once a turn, not once each time through the loop. Removed the prefs.ini entries because Brad made them tied to difficulty level.

Fixed a small Z order issue with the party cursors. Sometimes, they would get lost.
NOTE: Caused regression will have to readdress. Doesn't work with campaign HQ.

Fixed interpolated state positions. Now we just use the anchor points instead of interpolating. This makes sure that the point on the extended state is a real point on the state.

Fixed the asset window so that the currently selected asset is highlighted.

Added code so that a state's colors are updated immediately after a campaign.

Tweaked the ad code again so that ads peeter out over time.

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