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Daily 04/06/04
Published on April 6, 2004 By Mudflap In The Political Machine
Spent the morning discussing new MainUI options with Paul, Scott and Cari. People get confused because the currently selected state changes the picture in the center, but the buttons next to the picture work in the state that the candidate is in.

More bug triage....

Fixed the asset window so that it properly displays the opponents information.

Removed Popularity view and changed Gap to Popular Vote. Makes more sense that way. The Popularity view wasn't even working. Also tweaked the polling data view so that it makes more sense. Custom was also removed from the list because it didn't make sense also.

Tweaked ads once again so that they give a 1 shot gain both nationally and locally. Now, each week the increment is just a percentage of the current stance.

Added new Political Activists. These are the ones you buy. Also consolidated a few into a new type call CRatingsAdjustor. These activists know how to adjust and restore ratings when they are enabled and disabled.

Adding initial "Hire Activist" functionality. It's not similar enough to the way we normally get activists. It needs its own API and execution path.

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