The mis-adventures of a new Game Developer.
Daily 04/05/04
Published on April 6, 2004 By Mudflap In The Political Machine
Bug triage. Assessing, assigning, etc...

Fixed the bug where New Hampshire and New Mexico weren't displaying the space between the words. Changed the State interface so that the unspaced version is called the Tag and the DisplayName is now called Name.

Added Ad API for Brad.

Made official 04/05 build for Paul to test out Brad's new AI.

Fixed MouseCursor hotspot (again).

Fixed the activist visiblity problems. This is a case where regular enums are better than ULONGs because of type checking. We were passing in the party id, but interpreting it as a player ID. That's why only democratic players could see activists. We also weren't showing the animation and icon unless the current player got the activist.

Fixed the bug in Ad text where opponent ads were using the creators name.

Fixed bugs in the StateDetails usage. Now it closes back to the previous screen and it also works from the HQ Window.

Added new Ad infrastructure for brad.

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