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Daily 04/02/04
Published on April 2, 2004 By Mudflap In The Political Machine
Daily 04/02/04

Fixed the runaway stamina problem. I clamped it to the range 100.0 to 0.0. Hopefully this will take care of all the runaway number problems.
Fixed the bug where the STOP in the AssetWindow is visible when it shouldn't be and fixed the crash that resulted from clicking the STOP button when it was visible when it shouldn't have been.
Changed the MovieProducer to Plantable.
Added code to hide the calendar during an election.
Got rid of the blank frame Scott reported when an activist is received.
Made the ticker a little smarter about clearing messages when a new week happens.
Changed the new week message to include the week number.

Read the game's initial volume from the prefs file.
Changed interviews so that they can show up anywhere now.

More changes to get the Multiplayer up and running again. It should just be another day or 2.

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